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On August 14 the Space4 business center was opened

On August 14 together with the team, shareholders, and partners, we celebrated the opening of the Space4 business center and the 32nd anniversary of RENOME We want to thank everyone who designed, built, supported and inspired! We are grateful to our partner Sport Life, who opened the doors of the sports club for the birthday of our company It is bold to continue working and building such landmark projects for the city during the war. The CEO of RENOME Nadiia Hladkevych said: " Ukraine is for a happy life", so we do everything to ensure that free, talented and strong Ukrainians stay on their land and build their future here.

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RENOME trust line

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• In violation of your rights;
• By committing against you unlawful actions by employees of all levels;
• In violation of internal rules and regulations of the Company;

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