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Mission and Values

  • Mission
    We are introducing the finest services for FinTech, which make the lives of our clients convenient.
    We create a home where people feel happy.
    We are implementing new business projects for the sake of perfection and dynamics of the forward movement.
  • Vision
    Using new technologies and skills we create a quality product and strive for our efforts to make people's lives better.
  •  Main value:
  • Principles which we are managing in work:
  • We value our reputation
  • We work with the best
  • We work with partners who value our active position

Trust line

RENOME trust line

Dear employees and clients, if you know or encountered in your work:
• With extortion and receipt of monetary rewards;
• In violation of your rights;
• By committing against you unlawful actions by employees of all levels;
• In violation of internal rules and regulations of the Company;

You can report these facts by filling out the form below.
Anonymity is guaranteed.

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