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RENOME is a private all-Ukrainian group of companies whose interests are concentrated in such areas of Ukrainian economy as real estate, construction, production of building materials, information technologies, breeding of live fish. The company's head office is located in the city of Rivne.

The company's history begins in 1990 when Vostok-program was founded, selling computer equipment and software.

Getting Started

The date of the founding of RENOME as a company that engaged in the sale of computer hardware and software.

14 August 1990

Development of photo business

Founded the first network of photolabs in Rivne.


Succeeding in software solutions

Programmers have developed the software and technical complex "Passport". The program was used in the consulates of Ukraine for issuing visas in 180 countries of the world.


Extension of the network of stores

Was created a network of home appliances stores in Rivne.


Beginning of development of solutions for banking business

The first delivery of ATMs in Ukraine.


Window Business Development

The plant for the production of metal-plastic structures TM "Viknova" was launched.


Separation of business under the single brand RENOME

  • RENOME SMART - Solutions for the banking business.
  • RENOME EUROBUD - Arrangement, insulation of houses.
  • RENOME COMFORT - household and photo equipment.
  • RENOME PARTNER - production of metal-plastic structures.

    Acquired a controlling stake in PJSC Rivnerybhosp - growing fish.


The start of the development business, the first paid terminals in Ukraine and the implementation of ERP-solutions

RENOME COMFORT becomes a full-cycle developer, engaged in search of sites for the construction, evaluation, development, implementation of projects. They started the direction of external ordering and insulation of buildings with the systems DRYVIT, Caparol, Capatect. In banks across Ukraine, started to install paid terminals from RENOME SMART. RENOME Company has all the necessary certificates for the sale and introduction of a single ERP system in Ukraine, "Management of a production enterprise". Closed the direction of selling appliances.


Construction of a new residential complex

Construction of Residential Complex Hetman Vyhovskii in Rivne began with the first underground parking in the city.


Recognition in Ukraine and abroad

RENOMET SMART became the first Ukrainian company to receive the international standard ISO 9001: 2008 by the Netherlands certification body. RENOME EUROBUD thanked the President of Ukraine for it significant contribution to the construction of a new building of the regional oncology dispensary in Rivne. The successful implementation of ERP-system "Manage production enterprise" on the group of companies RENOME. This was the beginning of the development of a new business direction.


Modernization of production and construction of a unique cultural and archaeological center

RENOME PARTNER modernizes the production of windows and introduces innovative technologies for the production of double-glazed windows "Teplyi kray". The cultural and archaeological center Peresopnytsia was built. Closed the photo-business.


Development and leadership

RENOME is a leader in the real estate market. RENOME built every second apartment that was bought in the city of Rivne. Every third ATM in Ukraine is installed by RENOME. Construction of Residential Complex "Family" began.


Courageous Architectural Solutions in Rivne

Construction of Residential Complex "Spectrum" - an innovative residential complex. The company implemented the project of the most complicated design schemes, geometric shapes and vivid colors of the design organization "Archimatika".


Courageous Architectural Solutions in Rivne

Construction of Residential Complex "Spectrum" - an innovative residential complex. The company implemented the project of the most complicated design schemes, geometric shapes and vivid colors of the design organization "Archimatika".


Successful partnership and implementation of ADM abroad

RENOME SMART is the only partner of the cash register manufacturer "Giesecke & Devrient" RENOME SMART get to the international market with automated deposit machines.


Development of outsourcing and automation of processes in the municipal sphere

Automated deposit machines are installed in 20 countries (CIS, Europe, Middle East). Introduced the outsourcing support of the ATM network of the Oschadnyi Bank, which has more than 5 thousand devices throughout Ukraine. Implemented solutions for automation of processes in the municipal sphere. The construction of Residential Complex 360 has begun. Opened the modern window showroom "Viknova", which became a co-working place in some way.


Beginning of the construction of the Housing Estate and new opportunities in FinTech solutions.

Reconstructed the summer stage "Zelenka" in Rivne. Construction of a new Housing Estate and office-sports center on the street Lyonokombinatyvska in Rivne has begun. The implementation of the eco-project "Snails Farm" began. RENOMER SMART get to the US market.


Здача в експлуатація ЖК “360“.

Початок будівництва сучасного БЦ “Space4“.
Початок будівництва заводу високопротеїнових кормових добавок та тваринних жирів “Фіднова“ (м. Буськ).
Будівництво унікальних підземель Рівного в парку Т. Г. Шевченка ( м. Рівне).
Будівництво першого на Рівненщині олійного заводу (агрокорпорація “Крупець“).
РЕНОМЕ СМАРТ активно встановлює банкомати із функцією рециркуляції готівки.
РЕНОМЕ СМАРТ – на ринку рітейлу із новими програмними продуктами.
Експорт продукції ТМ “Вікнова“ в Італію.


Здача в експлуатацію ЖК “Spectrum“

Ребрендинг ГК РЕНОМЕ.
Почали будівництво Pokrovsky apart complex.


Trust line

RENOME trust line

Dear employees and clients, if you know or encountered in your work:
• With extortion and receipt of monetary rewards;
• In violation of your rights;
• By committing against you unlawful actions by employees of all levels;
• In violation of internal rules and regulations of the Company;

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