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RENOME is a group of companies that are moving technology in the future

Our interests and assets are concentrated in the field of IT technologies and solutions for the financial sector; in the field of construction, development and production of building materials; in the field of developing eco-projects.

The philosophy of the RENOME team combines advanced technology and many years of experience for the sake of effective and high-quality results. 

RENOME SMART is a company that successful works in the field of IT-technologies and FinTech-solutions RENOME SMART. The company is engaged in the sale and servicing of banking equipment, software products for banks and business in general.

The vast majority of solutions of RENOME SMART are their own development, which are the stages of design, construction and production directly in Ukraine. At the same time, banks and financial organizations in 20 countries all over the world use the services and solutions of the company.

Today RENOME SMART carries out outsourcing of the ATM network of the largest banks of Ukraine and implements solutions for automation of processes in the municipal sphere. The software development of the company improved the convenience of the visitors of the CNAPs in 26 cities of Ukraine.


ERP RENOME specialists carry out complex automation of business. The company provides services for accounting automation and enterprise management since 1999. The company is a consultant to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and is included in the TOP of the All-Ukrainian Rating of the Union of Automation Businesses.

Today RENOME - is a leader in the real estate market.

RENOME COMFORT is a full-service developer company engaged in the search for sites for construction, valuation of real estate, project development, implementation and maintenance of facilities after commissioning. Today RENOME COMFORT has built and delivered 65000 m2 residential real estate in Rivne. The developer is managing 25000 m 2 commercial real estate.

RENOME EUROBUD, is engaged in capital construction of housing, as well as objects of social, industrial and cultural spheres. Innovative non-standard solutions of the company change the concept of modern architecture in Rivne. Construction of Residential Complex "Spectrum" is an example of the introduction of such technologies.

The group of companies RENOME is always open for new experiences and is able to implement it. 

Trust line

RENOME trust line

Dear employees and clients, if you know or encountered in your work:
• With extortion and receipt of monetary rewards;
• In violation of your rights;
• By committing against you unlawful actions by employees of all levels;
• In violation of internal rules and regulations of the Company;

You can report these facts by filling out the form below.
Anonymity is guaranteed.

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