Quality. Technologies. Move forward

Solution for FinTech

Delivery of technologies and solutions in business processes

Construction and development

Modern residential complexes.
Non-residential construction

RENOME is the quality of the Ukrainian economy

Our interests and assets are concentrated in the field of IT technologies and solutions for the financial sector; in the field of construction, development and production of building materials; in the field of developing eco-projects. The philosophy of the RENOME team combines advanced technology and many years of experience for the sake of effective and high-quality results.

1050 specialists

are in RENOME team

1238 families

lived in apartments by RENOME

UAH 657964

every hour are taken in ATMs by RENOME all over Ukraine

Trust line

RENOME trust line

Dear employees and clients, if you know or encountered in your work:
• With extortion and receipt of monetary rewards;
• In violation of your rights;
• By committing against you unlawful actions by employees of all levels;
• In violation of internal rules and regulations of the Company;

You can report these facts by filling out the form below.
Anonymity is guaranteed.

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